Director's Guide


AuditionAdmin is the easiest way to manage entries, score tabulation, and results posting for honor band and choir auditions. This guide contains directions for directors to manage their entries.

Getting Started

To get started, first you have to create an account.

  1. From the login screen for your organizations AuditionAdmin page, click on "Create Account."
  2. Enter the registration code provided to you by the administrator for your organizations audition.
  3. Choose anything you want for your username. As long as someone else isn't using it, you can have it.
  4. Complete the remaining information, then click on "Create Account."
  5. You'll find yourself back at the login screen. Enter the username and password you just chose and you'll be ready to get started.

Register your staff

If there are other directors on your staff, please follow the instructions below to enter their information.

  1. Go to the "My Registration" menu and click on "My Staff."
  2. Fill out the Add Director form for each of your assistants
  3. Your assistants will receive an e-mail with the username you chose for them and their randomly assigned password.

If you need to make changes to a director, click on their name. To mark another director as the head director for your school, just click the appropriate button. Only the head director can manage staff for a school. When you mark another director as head, you will loose access to the my staff screen.

Enter Students

  1. If you aren't already there, go to the "My Registration" menu and click on "My Entries."
  2. Enter a student's name and grade. No, middle initial is not required.
  3. Choose the auditions in which this student is entering
  4. If a student is entering more than one audition, indicate if they would like to take the highest chair, or be placed in order of entry in the case they qualify in more than one area. If you choose, order entered, be sure that Entry 1 is their first choice.
  5. To delete an entry, click the trash can next to their name. If you make an error, delete the entry and reenter them.

NOTE: After an audition's entry deadline passes, you will no longer be allowed to create new entries for that audition or delete existing auditions. You will have to contact your organizations audition administrator to make those changes.

Update Contact Info

Go to the "My Registration" menu and click "My Profile."

Update School Info

Go to the "My Registration" menu and click "My School."
Only a school's head director may update the school info

Viewing Results

Go to "My Registration" and clicking on "My Results."

Viewing Your Bill

Go to "My Registration" and click on "My Bill."